About Us

Who we help:

Busy individuals with busy lives who don’t have a lot of spare time writing and publishing a book. We help them build a lucrative book publishing business with AI in under an hour.

They typically:

  • Want to start an automated business but don’t have the time to do it. 
  • Want to self publish a book but don’t have the know how.
  • Desire many profits and passive income that can replace their day job.
  • Have a desire to start predictable and consistent business that is fully automated.
  • Have been burned by ‘side hustle gurus’ that taught them nothing but garbage. 

Our Promise:

We legally vow that our clients add in new monthly revenue in 60 days with our ‘out of our mind’ & legally binding guarantee. If you don’t add a monthly revenue with this, we’ll refund all of your money, wire transfer you $1,000, and give you $4,975 worth of coaching over 6 months for free to say sorry.

Disclaimer: it takes some hard work, is not an overnight thing and truly will take 4-6 months.

Our Strategy

Amazon KDP from 0 to Hero: We’ll teach you the basic understanding of the Amazon KDP business.

Reverse Engineer Books: We’ll show you how to navigate through Amazon product page and teach you what each metric means.

Story Structure for Your Book: We’ll provide the full meticulously crafted AI prompt to create a captivating story for your book.

Creating the Story: We’ll give you our best kept secret when it comes to creating a story with AI.

Writing The Book: We’ll show you how to write a full blown book with a captivating story in minutes.

Drawing the characters of the book: We’ll show you how to use AI to draw amazing and unique characters in minutes.

Drawing the settings: We’ll show you how to draw the beautiful and serene settings with our secret AI scripts.

Putting together the book: We’ll show you how you can put together your book from start to finish.

Fool Proof Marketing Strategy: We’ll show you our best kept secret marketing strategies.

Our Guarantee:

Out of our mind guarantee: if you do all of the above exactly and after 60 days don’t add a new monthly revenue to your account, we will:

✅ process a full refund

✅ wire transfer you $1,000 

✅ keep helping you write a bestselling book for free for 180 days (valued at $4,975).

So you can either:

Implement our strategy and add in a new monthly revenue minimum in just two months….

Or, you can:

Implement it and not make any money, and $4,975 of complimentary coaching for 6 months, free of charge. Worst case scenario: you net $5,975 and retain your access to all of our proven systems for free.

This is not…

A shiny object designed to transform your business and life overnight.

This is…

A two month initiative to build predictable and lucrative business that is infinitely scalable.